The Church with a Big Heart

Ocean Unity

Sunday Speakers

January 2020


Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

January 5

10 Ways to Shine the Divine Within in 2020!

Ocean Unity welcomes Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. as our guest speaker on Sunday, January 5, 2020. Since this will be the first day of the New Year, Dr. Bernard will share his inspiring message: “Becoming an Even Better Version of Yourself in 2020 – 10 Ways to Shine the Divine Within.” Dr. Bernard is an explorer of the mind, heart, and soul using the latest in neurosciences and the deep wisdom of ancient traditions. Please join us to hear Dr. Bernard whose messages are always joyously uplifting and filled with spiritual insight.

Eileen Lighthawk

January 12

Letting Go of Self-Imposed Limitations

Ocean Unity welcomes Eileen Lighthawk as our guest speaker on Sunday, January 12, 2020. Tis the season for resolutions, and far too often, criticism and self-judgement. You may have already noticed that you and others do much better with Love and Kindness. Eileen Lighthawk will share a new (and more effective) approach to positive change in her talk titled: “Letting Go of Self-Imposed Limitations.” Based in science and spirituality, and proven in real life, Eileen will share new options for creating positive personal changes in a way that is FUN and practical. Bring a notebook to capture wisdom you can use! Please join us to hear Eileen Lighthawk whose messages are always filled with delightful humor and gems of spiritual insight.

Dr. Ruth Miller

January 19

Holding The Vision

The deep, dark days of winter are here. It’s easy to get lost in the cold and gray, to forget the warmth of spring and the bright sun of summer. It’s also easy to let the “increasingly morose” media lead us into despair. How can we pull ourselves out of it? Gardeners understand; so do expectant mothers. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave us a few hints, as well. In this week’s message Dr. Ruth Miller will explore the formation – and maintenance – of a vision that’s strong enough to keep us filled with light, regardless. Rev. Ruth Miller, Ph.D. came to the ministry after years studying and teaching human systems dynamics and working as a futurist. The author of many books, including Mary's Power, Making the World Go Away, Home, and Unveiling Your Hidden Power, Dr. Miller integrates science and spirituality, head and heart, in all her presentations.

Rev. Jean Celia

January 26

Please join us at Ocean Unity on January 26th to hear Rev. Jean Celia whose messages are always joyous and spiritually uplifting. Rev. Jean has been an ordained minister with Unity since 1998 and was a Licensed Practitioner in Religious Science for ten years prior to that. She is an on-call minister with various congregations, officiates at weddings, and enjoys teaching classes and workshops. Rev. Jean and her husband Mike have lived in Lincoln City since 1991.​